Did you know: Working in a higher classification

Did you know when you work in a higher classification, you should be paid at a higher rate. If you have worked in a higher classification for any shifts since Jan. 1, 2017, please work with your manager to document the specific hours and dates so that you can receive retroactive pay.

From the contract:


4. Employees engaged in more than one classification of work shall receive at least the minimum in the higher classification next higher than his regular salary for all time spent in the higher classification of work.

5. On occasions, due to the absence of certain exempt employees on normally scheduled workdays, during vacation or periods of illness or injury, or for other reasons, it becomes necessary for employees from within Guild jurisdiction to perform duties otherwise performed by the exempt employee. At such time, the following rates of compensation shall apply:


When an employee from within the bargaining unit is assigned to replace an editor in the news operation, the employee shall be paid fifteen percent (15%) premium above the pay scale of assistant city editor for the replacement work.

All Other Departments:

When an employee from within the bargaining unit is assigned to replace an exempt position in any department outside of the Newsroom, the employee shall be paid a premium of fifteen percent (15%) of the employee’s regular base pay for the replacement work.

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