Dues reduction

Effective Jan 1 Guild dues will be reduced from 1.75% to 1.4% of base pay (no overtime or commissions).

Because the Guild collects dues via several different methods,  we’ve begun the process of  notifying members what their new dues rate is.

The calculations were done from the last payroll list the union received from the company in May.  That list had some inaccuracies when it came from the company that the union caught.  But there may be other inaccuracies not yet caught.

The lists of  the new dues are  being sent to the point people who have been collecting dues for your group.

To check your rate simply take you base pay as it appears on your paycheck and multiply by 1.4%
For part-timers, the new rate shows on the new rate list as 1.4% of your hourly rate.  To figure your dues for a given period, multiply that rate by the number of hours you worked.

If you think your rate as it appears on the list is wrong, please let Guild treasurer Ken Jones know via email a kjones@local128.org.

Collection methods:

If you originally set up your dues to be sent from you bank account  directly to the union’s credit union dues account, you will need to contact your bank and redo your authorization amount to the lower number.

If you have your dues automatically sent from your account with Maine Media Federal Credit Union, you will need to let Jenn or Pam at the credit union know what your new lower rate is and then have them redo that in their computer system.  The credit union will be getting a copy of the dues list

If you have your dues taken from your bank account via the ACH authorization form, those collections are being redone over  the next week or two as your authorization date rolls around.  You do not need to resubmit a new authorization, but should check your bank account on your collection day to make sure the new rate was done correctly.