Kathy Munroe to be a Sector Representative

The News Guild has hired Kathy Munroe to be a sector representative. This is a big promotion that will allow Kathy to use her skills to help Guild locals throughout New England, including Maine.

We are proud of Kathy. We all know how hard she has fought to enforce the contract and protect the rights of individual members. We have a strong and healthy union. Locals around the country recognize this. That the international is now looking to Maine as a source of leadership should not be a surprise.

Kathy became involved in the union while working as a corporate billing specialist in circulation. She has served as a unit chair, shop steward, board member and bargaining team member. She was elected president in 2006 and has served as the administrative officer - the local’s only full-time employee - since 2008.

Kathy’s first assignment will be in Maine helping our Local deal with the impact of the sale and negotiate our first contract. She’s still working in our office on Exchange Street. Please send her a message of congratulations at kmunroe@local128.org.

The Guild Executive Board on Thursday approved a plan to replace Kathy. It’s a full-time job paid at key rate, which is the same as reporters and photographers. The Board on Thursday appointed a hiring committee made up of Guild Treasurer Ken Jones, Unit Chair David Hench and Carol Semple, a member of the Negotiations Committee.  Kathy will also help the committee find a replacement.

What kind of person are we looking for?  The answer is easy. We want someone who’s as talented and as tough as Kathy Munroe.