A Resurgence of Action by Workers

Depending on how old you are, you’ve witnessed people taking to the streets to win minority rights, women’s right and/or gay rights. Yet none of our members today are old enough to have seen the early days of the labor movement when Americans clamored to secure an eight-hour workday and the first minimum wage. It seems like ancient history. But history does repeat itself.
Today, we see a resurgence of action by workers. Witness the local and national pushes to raise the minimum wage, and the extraordinary mini-uprising by Market Basket workers to reinstate a company leader who treated workers with respect.
What propels these “movements”?  The power of group effort.
OUR PRINCIPLE: We stand together.
Here’s a recent example of this principle at work, and how the Guild made a difference to many members:
The Guild treasurer noticed that the company had accidentally overcharged part-time employees for their share of their health insurance premiums. It was an innocent error on the company’s part but one that went unnoticed by the part-timers. It was the Guild that brought this to the attention of the company, which recalculated the payments and reimbursed employees who had overpaid for insurance.
Isn’t it reassuring when someone has your back?
Remember, as long as there is a Guild, you are not alone.

News Type: Solidarity