Returning to Automatic Dues Deduction

Thank you for hanging in with us this summer while we rebuilt our dues collection operation following the surprise asset sale of the company. As a group we have kept paying our dues in outstanding numbers, and that’s gotten the organization through what could have been a disastrous period. Now the Guild has identified THREE ways to bring back automatic dues collection, and everybody can choose the way that works best for them.


Your dues can be transferred from your bank account to the Guild account. We’ll give you a form authorizing the transfer of funds. You may cancel payments at any time. You need to provide the Guild your checking account number and routing number. Those numbers are at the bottom of your checks.


If you do on-line banking, you can set up an automatic payment system on your own. Just log-in to your account and add the Portland Newspaper Guild as a vendor, just like you would when you make payments to CMP or Fairpoint. The Guild account number is 4934D, at the Maine Media Federal Credit Union, 295 Gannett Drive, South Portland, ME 04106.


This is the easiest method. If you are a member of the credit union, just call the credit union, at 774-4307. Tell them you want to set up an automatic payment to the Guild account at the credit union. That’s all you have to do. The Guild will get documentation identifying members who have made payments and the amount.

If you don’t have a credit union account, the Guild will contribute the $5 minimum balance needed to open a new account. You can still use your current bank for automatic deposits for your paycheck. To replenish your credit union account, you can fill out a company direct deposit form for the amount of your dues.

If you prefer to pay dues with cash, check or credit card, you may continue to do that. However, the Guild urges members to make automatic payments. This critical step will provide stability to the union and empower the Guild Negotiations Committee at the bargaining table. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked this summer to develop automatic payment systems that are secure. For decades, the company collected dues on the union’s behalf and gave the union a weekly check. Although this task could be easily implemented with our current payroll system, the company is not willing to do it.

In Solidarity
Tom Bell, President
Ken Jones, Treasurer

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