Secretary's Report

Here’s a news update from Friday’s Guild Executive Board meeting:


The Guild Negotiations Committee will meet with company representatives at 1 p.m. on July 29. It's our sincere hope that the new owners will want to focus on what we can all do together to sustain our newspapers and our hard-won reputation for quality journalism.  We also hope that they will stop trying to undermine our union with extreme positions on dues collection and other institutional issues. We're scheduling general membership meetings on July 30 (the following day) to fill you in on the bargaining session.  We’ll let you know the times and locations later.

New Facebook page

The Guild has a new Facebook page, located at We plan to share updates and other items of interest with our members and our many supporters among the general public. Give us your “likes” to start getting updates.

New Executive board members

Reporter Matt Byrne, distribution machine maintenance worker David Northrup and online producer Christian MilNeil are joining the Guild's Executive Board. MilNeil will be serving as Guild Secretary. These are interim appointments until the election of new officers later this year.

Health Care for Part-Timers

The Guild found out that the company has been overcharging part-timers for their health insurance premiums since the June 1 sale and we brought it to their attention. The company admits the error and promises to make part-timers whole.  Part-timers should be getting a letter from the company soon that explains the situation.

Administrative officer

Administrative officer David Hench provided an update of the search for a new Administrative Officer. The Guild is advertising in the Maine Sunday Telegram and reaching out to other labor unions. Spread the word.


Guild Treasurer Ken Jones reports that more than 90 percent of Guild-represented employees are paying dues. This is great news because the Guild can continue to defend our rights with a full time administrative officer working on our behalf.

Fantastic job all around!

In Solidarity.
Christian MilNeil

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