Signing Bouns and Dues

We’re happy to report that our signing bonuses are included in this week’s payroll. Full time employees should be receiving $500 before taxes, and part-timers a prorated bonus based on their hours of work.

We expect to formally sign the contract any day, but it is in effect, and we will put a final version up online as soon as it’s ready.

One big change will be the return to automatic payroll deduction of Guild dues. Members should download the form and fill out by Fri. March 3, and start the process. Either return the form electronically to Brenda Boykin, or give a paper copy to a Guild representative.

This will relieve all of us of the hassle of keeping track of what we owe and how to pay it, but it’s more important than that. Dues check off makes us a stronger union and better able to represent each other’s interests with the company.

Everybody who was hired before June 1, 2015 is a Guild member and will be expected to continue or resume paying dues. They should fill out the form because automatic deduction is the most convenient method. If you have signed up for automatic payment through your bank, TD Bank or the credit union, you can stop those payments as soon as you submit your form. We can help you do that if you have any problems.

People hired after that date who have already signed up and started paying dues will be expected to continue as dues-paying members and should fill out the form to make dues collection as easy as possible. Other new hires are not required to pay dues, but we encourage everyone to fill out this form now as a show of solidarity with the people you work with.

And don’t just pay dues: come to meetings and voice your concerns. We are stronger together than any of us are on our own.

In Solidarity,

Greg Kesich
President News Guild of Maine, Local 128

Colleen Peterson

Brenda Boykin
Administrative Officer